A Fete Day, Venice”, 1892 by Walter Lansil (1846-1925)
Exhibited: The National Academy of Design 1861-1900

“Picking Cotton on the Plantation” by William Posey Silva (1859-1948)

“Chattahoochee River” by Christopher Murphy, Jr. (1902-1973)

Still Life with Silver and Lemons” by Henry Lee McFee (1886-1953)

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Offering works by artists such as Agnes Richmond, Lamar Dodd, N.A., George Luks, Elliott Daingerfield, N.A., Athos Menaboni,  Anthony Thieme, Wilson Irvine, A.N.A., William Posey Silva, Walter Koeniger, Charles Dorman Robinson, Dox Thrash, H.M. Kitchell, Berneta Crowder, Myrtle Jones, Edna Hibel, J. Appleton Brown, Henry Salem Hubbell, A.N.A., Walter Lansil, Robert Meredith, William Ritschel, Mike Desatnick, Thomas Waterman Wood, N.A., Vance Miller, Hattie Saussy, Marjorie Daingerfield, Henry Hobart Nichols, Jr., N.A., Hal Morrison , Wilbur Kurtz, Maltby Sykes, Christopher P.H. Murphy, Lyell Carr, Emil Holzhauer, Dennis Mercier, Alfred Hutty, Irene Dodd, Walter W. Thompson, Nan Greacen, N.A., Nell Choate Jones, Helen Sawyer, Wenonah Day Bell, Henry Lee McFee, Ruth A. Anderson, Walter Emerson Baum, Ulysses Davis, George Wharton Edwards, N.A., Christopher Murphy, Jr., Jerry Farnsworth, N.A., Dave McGary, Paul Grimm, William Hart, N.A., Eliot Clark, N.A., Forrest Jacobs, Benjamin Kopman, Ben Foster, N.A., Edmund Darch Lewis, N.A., Thomas Mails, Jackson Lee Nesbitt, Robert Redbird, Royal Milleson, Henry Orne Rider, Harry Hutchison Shaw, James Martin Griffin, Ben Shute, Claude (Claudine) Raguet Hirst, Karl Witkowski, Steven Scott Young, Ed Dwight, Vic Payne, George Bickerstaff,  Percival De Luce, A.N.A., and more.

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